A future in Bioprinting

Out of all the cool and awesome things happening in science right now, arguably, this is one of the coolest. Bioprinting is an exciting, relatively new technology, which holds a lot of potential for multiple areas of pharma and medicine. The basic principle follows a similar wavelength as your normal, 3D printer. An ‘ink’ is… Continue reading A future in Bioprinting


The Science of Stress

Work, family, friends. Trying to balance your personal life, social commitments and work is often very difficult, and sources of stress can come from anywhere. Whatever it is that’s getting you down, don’t despair. It isn’t just you. Severe stress is something that can and will affect us all at some point in our lives… Continue reading The Science of Stress

HeLa cells : The legacy of the immortal woman

It’s doubtful that you’ve ever been a member of the scientific community and not heard about these little gems. HeLa cells, or the cells of Henrietta Lacks, are an immortalized cell line that are infamous in the research world. They have been at the heart of numerous ground-breaking scientific discoveries, including the polio vaccine, cell… Continue reading HeLa cells : The legacy of the immortal woman