How to detoxify your body (a.k.a. How your organs work)

SUMMARY: Unless I’m missing a key point here, people generally have a liver. And they generally have kidneys. So I’ve got some great news for you – you’re set. No expensive detox remedies needed! These cute little organs do it all for you, and the best part? It’s free! Talk about altruistic community citizens.

How do you detox your body?

Now this is a question I feel quite passionate about, and so I apologise if it comes across as a bit of a rant.

That’s because it is.

A little background first. Since getting a lot more involved in the fitness and weight loss community, I have been overcome with offers and adverts from various people, telling me that their supplements and juices will increase my health by ‘detoxing’ my body. Now as a fairly non-confrontational person, I just quietly dismiss these people as idiots, nod politely and move on with my life. But I’ve had enough, so I’m here to educate you all.

Sure, your body needs to be detoxified. That’s why evolution, the babe that she is, spent millions of years grafting to give you a beautiful and caring organ, known as the liver. Oh, and shout out to the kidneys too. Taking these pills and juices will do absolutely nothing in terms of detoxifying your body, which any scientist will happily tell you.

The liver works 24 hours, seven days a week to ensure that you remain healthy. It metabolizes drugs, and alcohol, to prevent them reaching toxic levels in the blood. It also has numerous other functions, including vitamin storage and angiotensinogen production, not quite relevant to this rant. They are pretty cool though, so feel free to look them up. 1

The kidneys are two little bean-shaped organs that are just adorable. They have numerous functions, one of which includes the removal of toxins from the blood, such Urea, Bilirubin and Ammonia. If these substances accumulated in the body, it would cause serious complications, and result in illness. That’s why the kidney has a highly sophisticated glomerular filtration system, to allow it to remove these products from the blood and excrete them in urine before they reach harmful concentrations. 2

Having a slight grasp on these basic scientific concepts will tell you all you need to know. You cannot cleanse and detoxify your body; these are normal processes which occur regardless of what juices you drink. The only benefits to SOME of these drinks are that they may contain various vitamins and minerals, which your body can use. However I would like to stress that these can easily be obtained from a balanced and healthy diet, or alternatively from a pack of multi-vitamins at a fraction of the price of a juice-cleanse.

So in conclusion, you don’t need to detox, you don’t need to cleanse, you don’t need to drink a thousand awful ingredients to remove your body of toxins. The liver and kidneys do that for you, and in fact if those organs failed then I can guarantee there is nothing that those juices can do to help you. Getting involved in this latest fad will only make you lose weight from your wallet, and won’t make you any healthier. So next time someone comes up to you and says ‘try this juice, it’s fab and detoxes your body hun’, ask them exactly what metabolic process it is trying to interfere with and what scientific evidence they have to back up their claims. Hopefully, that’ll shut them up, and give you five minutes peace to plan how to remove these money-grabbing sales monkeys from the world.

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