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The Science of Stress

Whatever time of year it is, stress can get us all down. Read here as to what stress actually is, what it does to your body, and why it’s important you take time for yourself to relax.

HeLa cells : The legacy of the immortal woman

Anyone working in science has probably heard of Henrietta Lacks, yet most of the public may be unaware of how this amazing lady made an ultimate contribution to science, and is still driving research today.

How to detoxify your body

Surprise! You can’t. Your body does it for you, and it’s got remarkably efficient at it over the last few millions years of evolution. Read more here.

The Truth about GMOs

There’s no doubt that GMOs are a very hot debate in society today. But why? What is actually going on with Genetically Modified Organisms anyway?

The Rise of the Gluten Free Diet

While a very popular diet fad, is there actually any evidence to support this trend as a healthy option? Read more here.

Tyrannosaurus Rex – Scaled after all?

The age old debate is discussed. Are the dinosaurs of Hollywood actually accurate? Or is science creating a new image of the Tyrant Lizards? Read more here.